Welcome to Oregon Fresh
a great fundraiser...selling Christmas trees for profit!

$20,000 in a Single Event
Athletic teams and student activity groups just like yours average over $5,000 per fundraising
event with Oregon Fresh.  Our top teams and groups
earn over $20,000!
Imagine your next fundraiser with Oregon Fresh:

    A Desired Product
    Christmas Trees.  People buy them every year,
    and they are willing to spend good money.  We
    provide you with fresh-cut #1 trees delivered
    farm fresh to your school site within 72 hours of
    harvest, and most times within 48 hours.  
    Customers rave about the freshness and quality
    of our trees, which means repeat business for
    you year after year.

    High Margin
    The average Oregon Fresh Christmas Tree sale
    nets your team or group over $35.00  Compare
    that to selling calendars, candy or magazines.  
    You get a great return on your time invested to
    make a sale.

    Single Event
    Done right, this one fundraising event may
    support all your activities for the entire year.  
    Focusing your efforts on one fundraiser with
    proven results allows you more freedom to run
    your program.
To learn how to make money
for your team or group, call
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Net $20,000 in a Single Fundraising Event
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